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Chef Testimonials

"My restaurants will always live by the quality of our ingredients.
I can't think of another supplier that has remained as consistent, dedicated and passionate.

I met Stefano 15 years ago when he was peddling 'bottarga' across London,
I have had the pleasure of working with Vallebona ever since. Their produce is faultless,
it takes me right back to my happiest times spent on the Island of Sardinia

Adam Byatt

"I have worked with Vallebona since before Bocca di Lupo opened,
and their product curation is key to my menus at Bocca di Lupo and Vico.

It is rare to work with someone, where you know every product they sell
will excel your own standards even before you taste it
- or indeed, rare to work with such lovely people."

Jacob Kenedy
Bocca di Lupo & Vico