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Vallebona for your Team

Our business clients, benefit from deliciously prepared Vallebona food, delivered directly to offices across London. Sometimes soggy sandwiches just won’t cut the mustard!

With menus tailored to your needs and budget, we invest time up front in understanding who we are catering for and their dietary preferences. Our food is freshly prepared by our in-house chefs at Vallebona HQ, using the finest, seasonal ingredients. Food platters are delivered directly to your office, at a pre-agreed time. Our acute attention to detail, means all our food platters are beautifully presented, labelled and ready to serve.

step 1

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you with some options.

step 2

Browse our seasonal menu and let us know if you'd like anything changed.

step 3

We'll deliver your freshly prepared order, directly to your door.

We just wanted to write and say what an amazing accompaniment your delicious food made to our Italian Wine Evening. The salumi and antipasti were delicious and thanks to Naoko’s precise directions, preparing the salads and the pastas was a breeze meaning that our guests could enjoy everything freshly made. The star of the show without any doubt was the burrata which was out of this world! The portions were very generous and the feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. The only question now is when we can do the next one! Thank you so much for all your help in putting the menu together and researching the wines for us. This is a fantastic concept and I am sure it could be rolled out to any occasion from family gatherings to rugby club dinners to corporate events.

"We ordered from Vallebona for our staff party and the food was delicious, delivery was easy, and everything was presented beautifully. Highly recommend and would certainly order again!" Thanks again guys!